My Mom is a very special lady. She is kind, loving, and generous to the core. I'm extremely blessed to call her my mom and our daughter will be just as blessed to call her grandma. 

This weekend my Mom threw our second baby shower at our house in Grand Rapids - her idea - so friends and family could see our new place. I must say that having your shower at your own house is quite nice; everyone comes to you! Most people drove in from either the Kalamazoo area (where my parents live) or from the lakeshore in Grand Haven. Besides a few connections on Facebook, some of these women I haven't seen in well over a year and it goes without saying that the delicious sugar cookies my Mom ordered came in a close second to seeing everyone in person that day. The ladies showered our daughter with books, stuffed animals, clothes, and some really special handmade blankets.

This will be my parents first grandchild and they are thrilled. If I had to guess, opening gifts on Saturday was just as fun for my Mom as it was for me. Over these past 8 months my Mom has been very good about concealing her over excitement as we prepare for her to arrive. And while you might find that peculiar... why must she conceal her excitement? Well, because if we let her loose she'd most likely end up doing things like go to the grocery store for milk and eggs, stop in the baby isle, forget about the eggs and milk, and come home with something like a giant teddy bear instead. It's for the greater good of the family that she's dialed in a notch. 

All jokes aside, we are very grateful for my Mom. Thank you to her and everyone else who came out to the shower this weekend. You are the best community a baby girl could ask for.